From the Tough Mudder Event Series to the Tough Mudder Bootcamp Franchise

Tough Mudder is a global brand that helps individuals across all physical abilities and skill levels achieve personal accomplishments and develop attainable goals. In fact, the brand is known and loved by so many that participants have even branded themselves with a logo tattoo. So, what exactly is Tough Mudder, and how did this worldwide movement start and lead to Tough Mudder Bootcamp?

There’s no question Tough Mudder has resonated with thousands of people around the world, and the reason lies in its unique accessibility. Founded by British New Yorkers Will Dean and Guy Livingstone in 2010, the point of the distinctive obstacle run wasn’t to create something completely new. Rather, Dean wanted to take something that already existed and make it available to everyone. Inspired by a race similar to the Tough Mudder concept, Dean didn’t want to create a race with time keeping, winners and losers. Instead, he wanted to emphasize team spirit and fun.

Now a global brand with events that have reached all corners of the globe including Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, Legionnaires can’t get enough of the tribe-building mentality and unique challenges the series provides. Offering a wide array of events for all fitness levels through its challenge series and race series, the brand recently provided the community with an even bigger way to experience Tough Mudder: enter Tough Mudder Bootcamp.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp, which began franchising in November 2017, is an approachable fitness option that offers various coaching options as well as personalized fitness programs for all levels and skill sets. It offers team-based workouts so people aren’t working out alone, setting the brand apart from competitors that don’t offer this specific combination of teamwork and coaching.

And, Tough Mudder Bootcamp’s unique HIIT class model is team-based and not like the average gym. Typical sessions are 45 minutes of high-intensity training that focuses on strength, power and agility. Every fitness level is welcome as each program can be scaled up or down depending on participants’ skill level. All participants get a phenomenal workout that is safe, functional and completely team-based.

“The typical big-box gym simply doesn’t work for people,” says Dean. “It’s boring, it’s repetitive, it’s lonely, and those are the opposites of what Tough Mudder is all about.”

Prospects will find that with the Tough Mudder Bootcamp gym franchise, it’s an opportunity to reach Tough Mudder enthusiasts and engage them 365 days a year. With an instant customer base of three million people, franchisees don’t have to worry about building brand awareness from zero – they can focus instead on fostering that tribe-building mentality and help people of all fitness levels reach their personal goals.

Tough Mudder franchisees are passionate about bringing a life-changing fitness opportunity to their communities, and the reason they chose Tough Mudder Bootcamp over other concepts is because it breaks the mold. Plus, franchisees kick off business with unparalleled support from all angles, including best-in-class franchisee training and marketing support. With more than 2,000 territories available, there are plenty of opportunities to unite your community with Tough Mudder Bootcamp.

Click here for more information on the Tough Mudder Bootcamp franchising opportunity and its territories available across all 50 states.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp
Tough Mudder Bootcamp

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