Top 3 Reasons Why Group Fitness Might Be For You

Whether you’re working out with your ‘swolemate’, friends, co-workers, or simply some strangers that share the same desire for results as you, there’s no doubt that there are countless benefits to exercising with a group. And now with Valentine’s Day and American Heart Health Month being prominent themes of health and togetherness in February, it’s a perfect opportunity to go over our Top 3 reasons why group exercise training can help us achieve our health and fitness goals in 2020.

Reason 1: FUN

Let’s face it, working out alone can be a very boring and intimidating experience no matter what level of training we have, but especially if we’re a beginner. Sure, it’s done by millions of people every week, but are we really going to stick to something that isn’t enjoyable in the long-run? Absolutely not. On the other hand, when we exercise with others we’re able to connect and socialize with like-minded individuals who will bring a significant amount of energy, support, and friendly competition to our workouts. Not only that, but there’s something extremely bizarre that happens when we struggle and get through a difficult HIIT class together that actually makes them really fun and something we start to crave (instead of dread) week after week.

Reason 2: Accountability

While it’s nothing new and we’ve certainly all heard it before, it is also well-known that working out with a group makes us more accountable to our goals. In fact, throughout our fitness journeys the easiest part is always the beginning when we’re feeling exceptionally motivated and inspired, especially right after creating our goals for the new year. However, what tends to happen as the year goes on is that life gets busy and we start making excuses for not pushing as hard, eating as well, and showing up. Fortunately, this is much more difficult to do in a group setting when we have an entire community of workout partners, coaches, and studio owners rooting for us, planning the next weekend workout together, and even calling us out if we start to stray from our goals. Additionally, there’s no shortage of benchmark challenges and clinics that keep us accountable to our strength, agility, and skill progressions throughout the year.

Reason 3: Motivation

Last but not least, the final perk of working out with a group is the motivation (both internal and external) that you get to push a little bit further each time. In fact, just when you think about dropping that kettlebell, slowing down on that sprint, or cruising through the final 20 seconds of the workout, your workout partners and coaches are there pushing you to give everything you’ve got, leaving you with an incredible sense of accomplishment and pride when you actually complete it. Although many people can certainly push themselves to their max on their own or with the simple help of an epic workout playlist, there’s just something about working out in a group that motivates us to push a little harder. It’s difficult to pinpoint whether it’s the friendly competition, camaraderie, or fun of it all, but there’s no doubt that it works.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp
Tough Mudder Bootcamp

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