Tough Mudder Bootcamp Continues Growth with an Abundance of Signed Agreements

Since it began franchising in November 2017, Tough Mudder Bootcamp, one of the fastest-growing gym franchises, has shown an impressive growth curve. The active lifestyle brand continues to tackle obstacles with teamwork, looking ahead to 2019 with several recently signed agreements and predicted deals that will result in 250 new locations.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp has proven to provide a transformative opportunity for entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts eager to continue the growth’s upward trend, promising a database of 3.5 million people to tap in to. The franchise has recently welcomed several new franchisees to the family, announcing new locations with Jason and Kristina Todd in Phoenix, Arizona, Alex Humanick and Danielle Weiss in Princeton, New Jersey, and Samantha Kerbler in Columbus, Ohio.

These franchisees are anticipated to open the doors to their bootcamp facilities in 2019, offering the brand’s signature high-intensity training and fitness courses based on the Tough Mudder Mission centered on teamwork, camaraderie, courage, personal accomplishment and fun.

“It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity to bring the iconic brand of Tough Mudder to New Jersey for the first time,” says Humanick. “We hope to build a diverse community through the bootcamp and bring more people together through fitness. This aligns with our values of inclusion for all, health and building a community.”

Each franchisee brings a diverse background to their bootcamp locations, such as Kerbler, with more than eight years as a group fitness and bootcamp instructor. She has also competed as a fitness body builder and in Olympic-style weightlifting competitions, and taken part in various obstacle races and mud runs, including a Tough Mudder. “With Tough Mudder, everyone is working together and there are never any strangers, and I’m excited to bring that same teamwork-focused energy to Columbus,” says Kerbler.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp continues to raise the bar in fitness with each new agreement, providing a thriving community for fitness enthusiasts and newbies to reach new heights in their lives and tackle their fitness goals. Backed with unprecedented brand awareness and unparalleled support from the starting line, including planning, opening, ongoing marketing and employee training, franchisees are ready to hit the ground running with a team that’s there to help every step of the way.

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Tough Mudder Bootcamp
Tough Mudder Bootcamp

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