These words are our Head of Fitness and Programming, Caitlin Donato’s, personal life philosophy and she has stood firmly grounded on them as she navigates her life. She has never felt more complete as she does when helping others reach their goals through fitness.

Her mission transcends past fitness goals and extends into one’s personal life. She believes that once you see your true potential, you begin to understand what is in the realm of the possible in all aspects of your life. Why? Because you also didn’t get this far just to get this far.

Caitlin feels even though your goals may have absolutely nothing to do with fitness, she promises that once you prove to yourself that you can do something physical that you once thought impossible, it’ll spark a fire that makes you think what else might be possible.

For today’s workout she wants you to think about a goal you’re working towards. It can be a physical goal, or a mental one. There is no right or wrong answer. For Caitlin, she has a big scary goal to sky dive; it is the most terrifying thought in the world for her, an over-worrying single mom who is scared of everything. And that’s why it’s one of her goals. that being said, she has taken steps towards reaching this goal by watching YouTube videos, going to indoor sky diving centers where they recreate the feeling in a wind tunnel, and there is still more work to be done. Today’s workout is a reminder that she can’t stop there and neither can you. Whatever your big scary goal, we’ve got to continue to intentionally move in that direction.

This workout is something she calls, ‘you didn’t get this far to get this far’. It is a total body workout that requires only yourself and a mat. With warm-up and stretching, it’ll take no more than 30-minutes of your day but pack a strong punch in a short time. It’s quick, effective, and powerful.  She will help you work towards our ‘limits’ and then prove to you that we can push that ‘limit’ a little further. Here’s the structure of the workout:

Caitlin's Workout


The first minute of each new set you will count the amount of reps you are able to complete of the specified exercise. For the first set, you will count Squats. Remember that number.


You will then transition directly into Toe Touch for 50 reps. This is a little something she calls a rest-er-cise. It allows the muscles you just engaged to rest while you are still working to strengthen elsewhere.


Once your 50 Toe Touches are complete, you will have two minutes to repeat the amount of reps completed from the first exercise, and then half of those reps for the additional exercise. For example, if you completed 40 squats in the first minute, you would repeat 40 squats and then 20 Jump Squats. The goal is complete that within 2-minutes.

Repeat steps 1-3 for the remaining 3 sets.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp
Tough Mudder Bootcamp

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