What to Expect at Tough Mudder Bootcamp

There were mud run obstacle course races before Tough Mudder, but when we started 10 years ago, Tough Mudder brought something special and different: The sense of belonging, of uniqueness, or doing something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp was built on this same premise. There are other fitness concepts and gyms, but none that deliver the experience and results that Tough Mudder Bootcamp does. Through proven sports science, plus the secret sauce behind what makes the Mudder experience so successful, we really are changing the way people work out.

Community drives results.

There’s no better place to begin differentiating ourselves from the other gyms out there than with the community you find inside Tough Mudder Bootcamp. At Tough Mudder we call ourselves a TRIBE, and we really are one. We see it on and off the course and workout floor.

One of the main reasons people lose interest in their gyms is the lack of community support. We believe who you work out with should be just as important as the workouts themselves. By joining our tribe, there is built-in support and accountability. Every workout has a unique teamwork dynamic that allows you to break down the barriers, challenge yourself, and help your partner achieve their goals just as you are achieving yours.

We work in teams of two, three, and four, giving you the added encouragement that comes from being part of a small group to get through the workout. Not only does having a community and team who hold you accountable make you show and work hard, but they also help break the cycle of boredom we’ve all seen in big gyms. There is so much more to be gained when we unplug from our Ipods and start throwing high fives to our workout BAE.

The workouts make the difference.

If you’re worried about being bored, we get you. Staleness of workouts or being without a plan in the gym is why most people drop off and never reach their goals. Every day at Tough Mudder Bootcamp you will do a workout that has never been done before. We have a library of exercises that will get you stronger, faster, leaner, and happier without ever repeating, only progressing. Because we have six different class types that rotate on a seven-day calendar, you can always keep to your schedule and still get to test yourself against the variety we offer.

We know how important your time is, so each workout is just 45 minutes long. In that time, you get a specific warm up for the given workout, expert instruction from the coaching staff, a workout that is both challenging and scalable to all levels, and, of course, a cool-down stretch at the end. The reason we can be so efficient is that each class is driven by detailed lesson plans given to the instructor with the sole purpose to get you, the athlete, to your goals faster. Plus, our one-of-a kind technology system helps efficiently coach you through instructional videos on form, reps and how you and your partner will be trading off work.

Whatever your goal, we got you!

Whether you are coming to conquer a specific Mudder obstacle or just want to get fit, we are here to help. One of the coolest things you see in the Tough Mudder Bootcamp and the centerpiece of our gyms is the 16-foot monkey bar rig. We climb ropes on it, throw medicine balls to it, do pull-ups on it and of course PLAY on it! And, for a good reason: When we were designing the gym we looked at what most people need to work on during a Tough Mudder obstacle course race, and upper body strength and grip strength stood out. We also created an entire class each week to support upper-body training and specific obstacle training.

Being fit is more than just crushing it on course, though. Being fit is about being as healthy as possible and having the freedom to do whatever you want in life. To get you there, we combine specific functional movements to help build strength, burn fat, develop lean muscle, and improve coordination. The equipment we use in the gym is also specific, just like the workouts. Sandbags, kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, assault bikes… All with so many different uses and infinite potential.

So there you have it. From the community to the expertly designed workouts, Tough Mudder Bootcamp is truly revolutionizing what it means to work out. We are expanding all over the U.S., so watch out for one opening in your city or town. Plus, we’ll soon have online workouts so you can experience Bootcamp no matter where you live. We want everyone to be a part of this movement and change their lives, just as we have seen millions do on the Tough Mudder course over the last 10 years!

Original article from the Tough Mudder blog.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp
Tough Mudder Bootcamp

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