Work from Home Exercises

With the increasing amount of time many of us are spending working from home rather than commuting to a workplace, the more important it has become for us to remind ourselves to move around and stay active while at home. Let’s face, while it may appear insignificant, the commute, day-to-day tasks, and daily interactions around the workplace we used to experience certainly had an impact on our daily energy expenditure. Although we might be doing the same work from home now, things like our step-count and flexibility may have been affected. Nevertheless, there are a few key home desk workouts that you can do to help you stay active while working from home.

Top 4 Exercises: Try to complete 10-20 quick reps of each exercise every few hours.

1. Standing Calf Raises – One of the most effective and efficient at-home exercises you can do while at your desk at home is the calf raise. Simply stand up from your desk, support your hands against a chair if needed, and elevate your heels off the ground while pausing at the top for a few seconds. If you’d like an extra challenge, hold some books or weight of choice in each hand while doing the exercise. If you can turn your desk into a standing desk for a bit throughout the day, even better!

at home standing calf raise

2. Tricep Dips – The best part of tricep dips is that you don’t need to have any fancy equipment to do them. All you need is your bodyweight and a sturdy chair or object. Place both hands on the front of the chair, extend your legs as far as you need (the farther the harder; bend if you need), and lower yourself 90 degrees with your elbows pointing straight back. Keep your back as close to the chair as possible and feel free to add a book to your lap if you want to use some weight!

Work from Home Tricep Dips
3. Desk Chair Squats – Another easy work-from-home exercise is the bodyweight desk chair squat. Stand up from your chair when you’re ready, extend your arms straight out in front of you, lower yourself until your butt taps the chair, and then explode up. You can either do slow and controlled squats or fast depending on what you’re feeling.

At Home Desk Chair Squat
4. Desk Chair Side Lunges – Stand up behind your desk chair. For additional support hold on to the back of your desk chair. Bring your feet wider than hip width apart. Toes should be facing straight in front of you. Shift your weight to one leg while bending at the knee of the weight bearing leg. Other leg stays straight. Sink as low as your range of motion will allow and then switch sides.

At Home Side Lunge

Below you will find a few stretches: Try to hold each stretch below for a minimum of 20 seconds.

1. Neck and Shoulder Rolls – Whether you do these standing up or sitting down, there is no doubt that neck and shoulder rolls are magical work from home stretches, especially if you spend a lot of time hunched over a computer or desk. For the neck rolls, just slowly roll your head in circles about 10 times and then switch directions. For shoulder rolls, roll your shoulders forward and up to your ears about 10 times, and then switch and do it backwards.

neck and shoulder rolls

2. Chest and Shoulder Stretch – Interlock your fingers behind your back and open your chest proud. Lift your interlocked fingers as high as your range of motion will allow. You’re end range should be when you feel a slight stretch, not painful discomfort. Hold.

Check and Shoulder Stretch

3. Neck Stretch – Bring the right ear towards the right shoulder. Place your right hand gently on the crown of your head. Relax your right arm and allow the natural weight of that arm to pull you into a deeper stretch. Hold and then switch sides.

Neck Stretch

4. Desk Chair Hamstring Stretch – Sit up tall with a proud chest from the edge of your desk chair. Next, extend your legs straight out in front of you with your heels on the ground and toes flexed. Maintain a proud chest as you bend at the waist and reach your hands towards your toes. Hold.

hamstring stretch

Staying Active at Home

The beauty of these exercises is that they are simple, efficient, and easily modifiable. While they are certainly simple, remember that the goal is to simply get your body moving throughout the day and give your mind a quick mental break! Running through the exercises a few times a day will certainly go a long way in staying engaged and productive throughout your workday while the stretches will loosen up the muscles we find tight through stress and sitting at a desk for prolonged periods. If you’re looking for some increased intensity, extensive exercises and programming, and a supportive community, we’d love to have you with us at TMBatHOME!

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